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Wewow After Sales Service System

First-After sales service policy

1.Free maintenance policy

Wewow users buy all products, in the normal range, the use of the host cell failure within 1 years, 6 months non-human factors, can enjoy free maintenance service without paying fees, maintenance required labor cost, replacement cost and maintenance goods return courier fee. Has exceeded the free repair period or the scope of the free repair of the product requires maintenance, the user needs to pay a reasonable maintenance costs. Ask the customer to contact the product purchase agent or the official after sales for product maintenance.

Free maintenance scope

a.Products in the provisions of the product warranty period of normal use, there is not a performance failure;
No, nothing more than the official manual guidelines without disassemble the installation, modification or other non-human fault caused by the;
Product labels and other labels, no signs of altered tear;
Provide valid proof of purchase, and the number of documents.

Non free maintenance range

a. Man-made non product quality problems caused by the collision, burning accident;
Unauthorized modification, dismantling, opening shell and other acts of damage caused by non official instructions;
Damage caused by improper installation, use and operation not in accordance with the instructions;
d. In the absence of official instructions to guide the case, the customer to repair the damage caused by parts;

The damage caused by the improper use of the circuit modification, or battery pack and charger, due to non official instruction;
Contact Wewow after sales confirmation service, not in 7 days to send maintenance products;

Are there maintenance fees, charges?

2.Return policy

Users buy all Wewow products since the date of receipt, 7 days can be no reason to return; 15 days can be a replacement, as long as the Wewow return rules, users can directly contact the purchase of authorized dealers and official sales outlets, Wewow official website for return.

The following can enjoy 7 days no reason to return service:

a. The actual receipt of the product is not in conformity with the description of the product;

b. Customers receive the goods within 7 days, found obvious quality defects in the case of unused goods;

c.Customers receive the goods within 7 calendar days of the quality defect can be 7 days no reason to return, but the freight users undertake, and to ensure that the products are not in use, packaging, accessories, gifts, complete specifications, without any artificial damage, does not affect the two sales;
When the user receives the goods in front of the delivery staff to check the bag and found that the product has the damage caused by transport;

The following can enjoy 15 days replacement service:

a. Customers receive products within 15 days, in the case of goods not used to find significant quality defects;
Customers receive products within 15 days, after the product is open package according to the instructions or under the guidance of the technical staff can not be normal use, or found non-human product quality defects;
The product after a replacement but still found defects caused by human factors;
When the user receives the goods in front of the delivery staff to check the bag and found that the product has the damage caused by transport;

Note: we have the right to refuse to return the request

a.Not make return application within the specified time, or contact Wewow to confirm the return service, not send the goods within 3 days of submission of logistics information;

b. Legitimate purchase vouchers or documents to provide return, or forges or alters the documents;

c. The goods damaged, but not at the time of receipt on the spot return or exchange requirements;

d. Return the product, packaging, accessories, gifts, brochures, incomplete or appearance of man-made damage, torn, altered labels, serial number, waterproof marker, anti fake mark etc.;
The occurrence of non quality problems caused by the product itself, as well as the man-made collision burned, without modification, foreign bodies (water, oil, sand, etc.) according to the instructions guidelines for use and operation caused by improper installation, the quality of goods;
Due to the inevitable factors, such as fire, floods, lightning, traffic accidents and other irresistible force to cause damage to the product;
The goods by the Wewow technical support department to detect, there is no quality problem, the user can not enjoy the return service 7 days after receiving.

Second-After sales service process:


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