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Wewow Unveils Fancy and Atom A1 at CES amid A Myriad of Smart Devices
Release time:2017-01-13

Handheld gimbals integrating a portable power bank, fill light, andselfie mirror

Las Vegas-- (Business Wire) -- CES, the trendsettingevent for the electronic consumer goods industry, has concluded in Las Vegas. Theevent showcased the latest smart televisions, smart wearables, smart vehicles,smart home appliances, drones, and more. Wewow,a leader in the handheld gimbal field, also delivereda strong performance at the show.

Wewow's internationalaward-winning gimbal product has made the company a key player in the globalgimbal stabilizer market. This time, the company unveiled two new products thatemploy the most advanced technologies and design in the industry, and boast a greaterbreakthrough than competing products on the market.

Breaking boundaries with the single-axis Fancystabilizer

Debuted at CES, Wewow's Fancy is an industry-disrupting stabilizer that integrates fashionable design and a portable power bank. Users can choose from four colors: rose gold, sky gray, emerald green and moonlight silver. Fancy changes consumers’ stereotype of gimbals as dumb and heavy devices which are exclusive to the professional minority. Fancy makes the gimbal accessible to every consumer.

In addition, some useful functions such as portable charging, fill light and selfie mirror are highlight features of the product. The stylish design and the integration of these functions bring great convenience to consumers.

Three-axis Atom A1 gimbal: created for videoenthusiasts

Apart fromthe single-axis Fancy targeting the general consumers, Wewow also unveiled atCES a three-axis gimbal named Atom A1, which is tailored for professionals.

Atom A1,which comes with advanced features such as an independently-developed AIalgorithm and a remote-control function, allowing video enthusiasts to be morecreative when shooting videos. Praises for Atom A1 include: "With theremote-control function, the user can shoot handsfree, which saves a great dealof physical energy during the production process" and "The mostimportant thing with Atom A1 is that it’s compatible with mobile phones and compactcameras." At the same time, many distributors expressed their interest inworking with Wewow. 

Althoughprices for the two new products have yet to be announced, many CES attendeeshave already added these two products to their shopping lists after trying out.

Judging fromthe two products that Wewow launched this time, the company has not onlyenhanced the functionality of its products but has also positioned its productsas part of a 'video lifestyle'. By creating products that are beyond theirfunctionality and value, Wewow has been providing its customers with aninnovative and convenient lifestyle and entertainment experience.

According to Nancy,co-founder of Wewow, the company is currently developing several new products andis set to release more groundbreaking products in the first half of 2017. Wewowbelieves that with its hard work in creating a 'video lifestyle',"Everyone is a Video Creator" will soon be a reality. For moreinformation about Wewow products, please visit:


Nancy, +86-13802532638