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Wewow Announces New Video Gimbal Fancy and A1 at CES 2017 in Las Vegas
Release time:2017-01-11

January5-8th, 2017 during CES, Wewow - manufacturers of the world's first handheld gimbal stabilizer, announces two new gimbals that meet the needs of both consumers to professionals in their booth located in LVCC South Hall 4 Booth 35067. Fancy and A1are breaking the traditional,leading the development of intelligent stabilizer in a new direction .

Fancy– The world’s first single axis video stabilizerwith built in power bank and fashionable color options.

Fancy is a single axis gyroscopic gimbal designed toconsumer market of smartphone.

Fancy is lightweight , color options, built in lightand mirror, as well as its power pack. The built in power pack feature willallow anyone shooting video with their smartphones to extend the battery life, it'sthe world's first handheld gimbal with this power pack feature.

Fancy can be mounted to a tripod or selfiestick for even more stability, it is the world's first fashion stabilizer withthe functionality of a high end stabilizer.

3-axis Atom A1 - The world’s first bluetooth cameracontroller built into the stabilizer handle.

Atom A1 is designed tobe used with smartphones, action cameras, and mirrorless cameras.It can be mounted to selfie sticks, tripods, and other accessory mounts. Once thecamera is mounted, it’s quickly calibrated and ready to perform.

Atom A1 compare tomost 3 axis gimbals in the market, it meets more demands of video enthusiasts. Furthermore, Atom A1's exterior design ismore excusite, Wewow team choose stylish cool black color to reflect a feelingof modern technology.

Wewowafford quality stabilization solutions for a variety of camera and smartphonetypes with the range of performance options from consumer, sport, prosumer, and professional userswhile pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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